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Crock Pot Adaptation for Red Beans and Rice

[ 3 ] September 23, 2007 |

All the recipes on this site can be easily adapted for use with a slow cooker or Crock pot. Make sure you have a sufficiently large slow cooker to hold 5-7 quarts. If you don’t, you can cut the recipes in half to fit in a smaller slow cooker.

Simply prepare everything exactly as the recipe calls for, including sorting, rinsing and soaking dry beans, and sauteing vegetables and meat.

Place all the ingredients (except the rice and garnish) into the slow cooker instead of adding them to a Dutch oven and cover.

  • For whole recipes (1 lb of beans): cook on high heat for 1-2 hours, then turn the pot down to low heat for 10 -12 hours.
  • For recipes cut in half (half pound of beans): cook on low heat for 8 hours.

Rice must be prepared separately from the beans.

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  1. brandalynn says:

    Didn’t appear as a recipe. . . To just give proportions of water to rice and cooking time? That is it? That is the recipe? ? Uhm helooo. What happened to the seasoning part? What happened to the rest of the recipe? I thought this was a Red Beans and Rice recipe uhmm hmm I totally missed the Rice part of the “Red Beans and Rice” recipe.

  2. Indy says:

    I was wondering when do you add the rice? Do you add it already cooked at the end? Or do you add non cooked rice during the last part of the cooking? Also, what about various types of rice? I have always had a bad experience with putting rice in a crock pot. It always comes out mushy no matter how I do it. Sometimes I cook with white rice, but lately I’ve been using brown rice which cooks entirely different. I’ve also used wild rice but I’m not sure if it would be delicious in a red beans and rice recipe. And some people I’ve found say to put the seasonings in at the end of the cooking time for crockpots. I also know the cooking times vary depending on the crockpot when it comes to beans. I cooked my beans into crockpot on high for more than 10 HRS and they still came out crunchy. So my suggestion is to soak them before you add them to a crockpot, then cook it on the low for several hours. I guess when it comes to red beans and rice and crockpots adapting this type a recipe will actually depend on what type of crockpot you are using. Mine was probably made in the late seventies or early eighties by the looks of it. It’s old but still works great!

  3. admin says:

    You don’t add thee rice to the red beans in the cooking stage. You cook the rice separately, and serve the red beans over the cooked rice.

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